Video Submission

To complete your Progress Check/Level Assessment Upload a video of you demonstrating all the requirements detailed in the syllabus PDF found on the example page. 

Watch the example video to know the exact requirements for your video and get additional tips.

Before you record your video:

  • Introduce Yourself: To help us verify that the video you submit is associated with the correct student, please introduce yourself (first and last name) at the beginning of the video along with the level you are submitting.
  • Separate Videos: The video does not need to be recorded in a single take and can consist of multiple videos combined together. 
  • Film the Details: We cannot assess your submission unless we can SEE the technique. Make sure we can clearly see both of your hands and the instrument. 
  • Audio Level: Make sure both your guitar and metronome can be clearly heard and if using an electric guitar use an amplifier on a clean setting will no effects.
  • Remove Mistakes: If you restart an exercise due to error please remove these from the final recording. Remember, this is an assessment. 

Before you upload your video:

  • Watch it back: Watch your video back to make sure you have reached the requirements and the picture and audio are good.
  • Single Video: Upload ONE video which can consist of multiple videos combined together. Here is a video showing you how to combine videos on an iPhone.
  • Ready To Submit: When you are confident you can perform all the requirements for your video evaluation, you are invited to submit your video for evaluation by clicking the button below. 

  • Feedback: Allow up to four working days for feedback.