learn to play 5 johnny cash riffs

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July 25th,

7:00pm (GMT)
11:00am (PDT)
1:00pm (CDT)

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about the workshop

This workshop is one for Johny Cash fans as I will be teaching five of his classic riffs, the five riffs are from:

  • Hurt
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • Ring Of Fire 
  • I Walk The Line
  • Personal Jesus

This workshop will be delivered live over Zoom but don’t worry, no one will be able to hear you and you can turn off your camera.

You will however be able to ask questions throughout via the chat box and also in-person at the end.

Can't attend live? just catch the replay

about the host

Paul Andrews has been playing the guitar for 21 years and teaching guitar for over 16 years. During this time he has taught in numerous state and private schools and now runs his own guitar school in his home town of Ashford, Kent where he teaches around 100 students a week.

He is the author of the Amazon bestseller ‘Learn to Play Electric Guitar‘ and has written articles for Acoustic guitar, Play Guitar and Teach Guitar magazines.

Paul is also the creator and teacher at Beginner Guitar Academy, the online guitar school for beginners where we focus on taking the confusion out of learning and the pain out of practice. 

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You will have 14 days to complete the workshop. After your 14 days, you will be automatically charged $39 and each month thereafter.

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