Setting Up Your Member Profile

Step 1: Go To The Forum

You will first need to go to the Community Forum in order to edit your member profile. Editing your profile will take around 5 minutes but will greatly enhance your community experience.

Step 2: Change Your Display Name

By default your display name on the forum will be the username you login to the site with. As other members will see this you may want to change this to something more suitable, such as your real name or a nickname. In order to do this, go to ‘Account Settings’ in the drop down under your name in the top right hand corner of the community.

In the options that appear on the left hand side you will see ‘Display Name’. Click here to enter a new name to show on the forum.

Step 3: Access Your Profile

When you’re on the forum, you will see your name on the top right hand corner, next to the envelope (private messages) and bell (notifications) icons. Click on your name and then click on ‘Profile’ from the list that pops up. Clicking on your image here will also open your profile.

Step 4: Change Your Photo

On your profile page there will be a circular photo area in the left hand corner next to your name. Click on ‘Profile Photo’ here to add your photo.

In the photo pop-up you can choose to either upload your photo from, select a URL to load your photo from or select to not show a photo. 

Simply click done when you have uploaded your photo and your image will now be saved to your profile.

You can also add a cover photo to your profile by clicking the ‘Cover Photo’ button in the top right of the profile header.

Step 5: Edit Your Profile Details

In the top right of your profile, in the cover photo area, is an ‘Edit Profile’ button. Click this in order to open the editing screen where you can add some details about yourself. This enables other members to get to know you a little better.

Step 6: Start Posting!

If you’ve got this far down the page, well done! You’re now all set to start posting on the forum so jump right in and introduce yourself in the forum here. You can start a new thread by simply clicking the big orange ‘Start New Topic’ button in the top right of the forum category page.

As well as introducing yourself, do jump into existing threads throughout the forum and remember you can start your own thread at any time!